“Kreol Morisien is part of the school curriculum at primary level. There is an acute shortage of teachers due to the retirement of the “pioneers”, i.e. those who were the first to teach this language,” notes Vishal Baujeet, president of the Government Teachers’ Union (GTU). This lack is also due to the return of several teachers to their initial position of 'GP Educators'.

He also notes a strong demand from parents for their children to study this subject. “These requests come from certain schools where Kreol Morisien was not taught until now,” adds the president of the GTU.

In order to compensate for this lack, Vishal Baujeet emphasizes that the current practice consists of asking certain teachers to work in two schools. “This situation causes problems for students who do not have teachers every fifth school day. It is also an inconvenience for teachers, who have to travel between two schools. For all these reasons, recruitment is essential,” he points out.

To teach Kreol Morisien, you need educators specialized in this field. As with Asian languages, the Public Service Commission (PSC) recruits teachers specializing in these languages. . This year, a significant number of primary school educators were recruited. Vishal Baujeet is confident that thanks to this initiative, “the situation in schools seems to have stabilized. However, part of the cohort is still taking courses at MIE. Once all Primary School Educators (PSEs) have completed their training, the teacher shortage will largely be resolved. Nevertheless, recruitment should be continuous, because some educators take leave (maternity, vacation, travel, medical), retire or unfortunately die”

Training in progress at the MIE

The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) currently provides several courses for teachers. They are :

1. PGCE for Non-Educators
2. Stand Alone modules (Higher Studies)
3. MPhil in Education
4. MPhil in Mathematics Education
5. Recognition of Prior Learning – Special Education Needs/Early Childhood Education
6. MA Education with St Mary’s University
7. Teacher's Diploma (Primary) – ICT Program

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