Drama at Sept Cascades on the afternoon of Monday June 17. Elvin Murdaymootoo, a 23-year-old resident of Quartier-Militaire, drowned at the third waterfall. Still in shock, his former classmate, present at the time of the incident and residing in Montagne-Blanche, was interviewed by the Vacoas police. This gym instructor in a hotel looked back on what happened on Monday. He had planned an outdoor outing with two young women from Dubai, hotel guests on vacation in Mauritius, an activity included in their package. He then called on his friend Elvin to also participate in this hike.

Shortly before 4 p.m., once they arrived at the third waterfall, the two friends jumped into the water. At one point, he told police, Elvin found himself in trouble. Seeing the latter struggling, he went towards him to help him, but he did not succeed. His friend disappeared underwater. Panicked, he alerted the Vacoas police. Elements of the Mauritian Police Intervention Group (GPIM) came to the scene to search for the young man, but it was too late. The body of Elvin Murdaymootoo was recovered and taken to the mortuary of Victoria Hospital, Candos. An autopsy performed Tuesday concluded that he died of asphyxia due to drowning.

The victim's family is devastated by his sudden disappearance. His funeral took place Tuesday afternoon.

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