Environment Minister Kavi Ramano described the government's environmental achievements as “remarkable” during his Budget speech. He listed various measures implemented in this area, highlighting innovative initiatives such as the development of an Environmental Masterplan, the circular economy roadmap, the greening of the public service and the control of plastic pollution. . According to him, these actions demonstrate the government's desire to make Mauritius environmentally resilient.

He also welcomed the direct funding by the government of several measures aimed at increasing Mauritius' resilience to the effects of climate change, citing in particular the management of public beaches and the restoration of corals as examples of beneficial measures.

In addition, he mentioned the government policy aimed at increasing forest areas in Mauritius, announcing that “100 hectares of forest will be planted annually over the next ten years”.

Opposition walkout against Kavi Ramano

Kavi Ramano's intervention was also marked by a walkout by members of the opposition in protest because the Minister of the Environment is currently involved in a controversy linked to an alleged conflict of interest between his ministry and his notary office.

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