A man pretended to be a member of the Police Headquarters Special Striking Team (PHQSST). He criticized a 39-year-old resident of Curepipe for not paying for a car rental. And he allegedly demanded that he do so to avoid arrest. Since April 2023, the resident of Curepipe allegedly gave Rs 430,000 to this fake police officer through electronic and cash transactions.

In his complaint to the Rose Hill police station on Wednesday, July 3, in the presence of a lawyer, the Curepipien relates that he rented a car from a company for an extended period in April 2023. At some point, he was contacted by a man who said his name was Fadil and that he was part of the PHQSST. The man gave him an appointment at the Moka court.

At the scene, the suspect allegedly got into the rental vehicle and forced the driver to head towards Rose Hill. He took the Curepipien's driving license and identity card. And he allegedly demanded that he give him Rs 4,000. The informant then paid money several times to this man and the total amount is in the range of Rs 430,000 to Rs 450,000.

The complainant claims that the police arrested him in connection with a fraud case. They accused him of not having paid the rental of the car. He specified this in his statement at the Rose Hill police station on Wednesday.

In his statement, the complainant denies these accusations. He said he made several payments to Fadil. His driving license and identity card are still in the possession of Fadil. He also handed over an extract of his bank statement to the police on Wednesday to prove the money transfers. The 39-year-old man is calling for a thorough police investigation into this fraud case.

In an interview with Défi Quotidien, Superintendent Ashik Jagai points out that this is not the first time that criminals have used the name of the PHQSST. “There are no police officers who call themselves Fadil in SST. “He asks the public not to fall into these traps. “Drug trafficking, habitual criminals and these people serve our name, to pez de mun. The police officer told me to do it. If this happens, I will report people to the police station,” said the head of the PHQSST.

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