Very active on social networks, especially Facebook, where he exposes his actions in favor of people in need, Vikram Hurdoyal, politician and former minister, has called for the opening of a police investigation for violation of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Act. This Saturday, several relatives alerted him that they had received vulgar messages from a Facebook profile bearing his name “Hurdoyal Vikram”, where a collage of photos of him is also published.

In possession of the screenshots of this profile usurping his identity, on the afternoon of Saturday, July 6, Vikram Hurdoyal, elected representative of Montagne-Blanche/Grande Rivière Sud-Est (10) and former Minister of Agro-industry and Food Security, dismissed from his duties by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth last February, rushed to the Belle-Mare police station. He filed a complaint for Breach Of ICT Act and requested that an investigation be opened to trace the individual behind this fake Facebook account.

To investigators, Vikram Hurdoyal, current Managing Director of the company OTF Export, said he suspects that by denigrating him on Facebook, individuals are targeting his social and political actions in order to damage his reputation. Once the former minister's statement is recorded, the case will most likely be transferred to the Cyber ​​Crime Unit of the Central CID on Monday for the start of an investigation. The experts of the police IT Unit also plan to contact Facebook in order to obtain precise details on the user behind the profile “Hurdoyal Vikram”.

On his official page, Vikram Hurdoyal asked his friends to report this fake profile: “Someone has created a fake Facebook account with my name and photos and has been sending friend requests and rude messages to people. Please report this fake account and be careful not to respond to it.” The police investigation is ongoing.

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