During his intervention during the debates on the 2023-24 supplementary budget in Parliament, Labor MP Farhad Aumeer deplored the mismanagement of public funds. And particularly at the level of the Ministry of Health.

“Over the last five years, Parliament has been called upon to vote Rs 78 billion in addition to the budgets. This is the consequence of poor planning and poor budgetary preparations,” he insists.

He notes that this time, the Ministry of Health needs Rs 1.2 billion more to complete the financial year 2023-24, while the Budget had already provided for Rs 15.7 billion. “This could never have happened, unless the funds were mismanaged or used or were used to finance items other than those for which they were intended,” he says.

Dr Aumeer notes that a number of suppliers have been waiting for some time to be paid by the ministry. “This government has failed miserably when it comes to managing public money. »

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