• Several vehicles travelling towards Port-Louis had to go around it to avoid it
  • His identity remains unknown at this stage.

A fatal accident occurred on the highway Tuesday evening in Riche-Terre. A man who was crossing was hit head-on by a car. The victim died instantly. The driver, aged 29, was taken to the clinic where he is being treated.

The identity of the victim has not yet been established. CCTV footage shows that several vehicles swerved around her in the middle of the road before the car in question hit her.

The accident occurred around 9:40 p.m. SI Bhurtun and his team from the Terre-Rouge police station went to the scene of the accident that occurred near Mascatrans on the Riche-Terre highway. In the middle of the highway, they found the lifeless body of a man. The latter had no identification in his possession.

The police also saw a car on the side of the road, but there was no driver. They learned that volunteers had taken the driver to a local clinic. After first aid, the driver was admitted. He took a breathalyzer test, which came back negative.

Analysis of CCTV footage allowed investigators to retrace the events. A few seconds before the accident, around 9:10 p.m., the man was seen zigzagging across the highway. Several vehicles traveling toward Port-Louis had to go around him to avoid him. Unfortunately, a car did not see him in time and hit him. The victim was thrown several meters away. Five minutes later, he was lying lifeless on the asphalt, between the expressway and the normal lane.

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