Lutchmee Prasad (Atish) Bhowaneedin, 42, was fatally struck by the metro on Wednesday morning. This resident of Allée Brillant, in Vacoas, was crossing the Metro Express rails in Sadally, a few meters from his house, when he was hit by a tram. He died instantly. Since the Metro Express came into service, he is the fourth person to die in an accident with a tram.

His disappearance deeply distresses those close to him. His sister Kamini does not hide her pain. Atish, after experiencing the hell of drugs, wanted to begin a new stage in his life by seeking treatment.

Atish came from a family of four children of which he was the youngest. “We are two sisters and two brothers. He was the youngest,” explains Kamini. Originally from Allée-Brillant, his sister specifies that he lacked nothing. “He was our little brother, we all loved him. He was pampered and we made sure that he lacked nothing. Our father died more than twenty years ago,” she continues.

However, following setbacks, he became addicted to drugs. “He started hanging out with bad people and ended up getting dragged down a bad path. He went through the hell of drugs.” It was a difficult situation for his brothers and sisters who always gave him their support. “I lived in Switzerland for a good time. A few years ago, he came to join me. We have another sister who has settled there,” adds her sister. It was the hope of a better future for their younger brother. But Atish did not want to make it his adopted land. “He wanted to return home. He said that in Mauritius, he would have more opportunities to find work,” adds his sister.

He then came back. His sisters and brother had built their family. Atish, who never married, lived with his mother in the family home. “He loved to work. He was a good worker,” said his sister.

He was carrying out false ceiling work. Some time ago, Kamini also returned home to be with her brothers. “About five years ago we lost our mother. Atish found himself alone in the house,” she said. His brother and sisters kept in touch with him. “Whenever he had the chance, he would call me or I would call him. Sometimes he lost his cell phone. »

Two weeks before her death, Kamini received a call from Atish which had a big impact on her. “He got in touch and we spoke for a long time. He told me he was determined to make a good living and wanted to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to end drugs and start a new stage. I told him I was going to a rehab center. He wanted to get out of it. He was going to take steps to obtain his license. We had to partner in this project,” continues Kamini. However, fate decided otherwise.

“It’s sad for the family. Despite his worries, Atish has always been a kind, friendly person. He was working for one person that morning and was carrying materials when he had this accident. I don't know the circumstances. His death shocked us all. He often confided in me. I really liked him,” says his sister-in-law Koosna. The autopsy attributed his death to a skull fracture. His funeral took place on the afternoon of Thursday June 13.

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