Sad end for Louis Christophe Ivane Villars, aged 31. This firefighter, from Résidence Argy, Flacq, had a fatal road accident in his locality yesterday, Monday afternoon, July 1st. This father of a seven-year-old son was on a motorcycle when he allegedly lost control of the two-wheeler. He allegedly hit a rock before falling off the motorcycle. A police investigation has been opened to shed light on the exact circumstances that caused this accident.

The Villars family is in dismay. Jenna, the firefighter's aunt, was the first to go to the scene of the accident after hearing the bad news. She describes it as a “real shock”. “He drove a big motorcycle. He was on a scooter. We don't know where he was going,” says Jenna, who describes him as a “bon vivant”.

Lisby, the victim's grandmother, is inconsolable. “He was loved by everyone,” she says. Watch the testimonies of these two relatives in the attached video.

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