Agalega welcomed a first Indian military aircraft on Tuesday. Belonging to the navy, it is a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft of the Boeing Poseidon 8i type. It bore the registration number IN 331.

To the great astonishment of the Agaleans, the plane entered the tarmac early in the afternoon, inaugurated on February 29 jointly by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi. The plane left late in the afternoon. It should return to Agalega this Wednesday.

For some of them, this adds credibility to the thesis put forward by, among others, the Indian press that the new airstrip and the new jetty will primarily serve the Indian forces. As a reminder, the financing was entirely undertaken by India and the work was carried out by Indian companies with Indian workers.

“When we said it was a military base, many people criticized us, but we already knew. This is the reality we have to face. This is just the beginning. With time, we will see what is behind this project,” said a resident of Agaléga. According to witnesses, the men on board were dressed in military uniform.

On Tuesday evening, the Prime Minister's Office confirmed the information. The presence of the aircraft, which is also scheduled to go to Mauritius, is part of an agreement between the two countries on maritime security. The aircraft, an authorized source said, aims to ensure regular surveillance in the region. The aircraft will also go to other islands in the Indian Ocean. According to the Prime Minister's Office, the national coast guard is also participating in this mission.

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