Air Mauritius was targeted about three days ago by passengers who were due to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their flight was canceled after a two-hour wait. Domino effect: this delay had a direct impact on the flight from Mauritius to Cape Town, South Africa, which was also canceled because it was the same aircraft that was scheduled to make the journey.

“It’s not good at all. Air Mauritius must greatly neglect the aircraft maintenance process as well as follow-ups. So many plane breakdowns in the space of a year. It is unacceptable. », deplores Garry B.

Domi B., another Internet user, described her experience on board one of the Air Mauritius aircraft as “unforgettable”. “I’m making a stopover in Reunion. I have to take the plane to Mauritius. I'm getting on board. The plane places itself on the runway to take off and does not take off. The aircraft turned around and parked off the runways. The cockpit announces that the flight will be delayed by one hour (…),” she said.

Chantal R. pulls no punches. She calls for a boycott of Air Mauritius. “We must stop traveling with this airline,” she asks. “This is the reason why you are offered to fly on Emirates Airlines,” says Yash, another user.

“Shame!” »

Raffick F. wonders about this recurring situation. ” Frankly. Does this situation give us some peace of mind when we travel on planes? “, he asks. “Air Mauritius is a shame. Shame ! Shame ! “, he laments. Krishn wonders, for his part, if things would have been different if Air Mauritius had been a private company without any political interference. “The basic success strategy is a reliable product and services, it’s the BASIC,” he says. Vana R., for her part, did not mince her words towards the management of Air Mauritius. “Very incompetent. Shame!!! “, she emphasizes.

In a telephone statement given to Défi Quotidien, the spokesperson for Air Mauritius, Atma Bumma, made it clear that “the situation which prevailed at the beginning of the year or before has clearly improved and the number of breakdowns is considerably less today.”

But what should we say to passengers and Internet users who express criticism? “Why talk about bad planning? Flight planning is based on destinations and the number of aircraft available. We don't have a big fleet. In other words, any failure causes a domino effect on other flights which, for example, must be operated by the aircraft in question. Hence the cumulative delays or canceled flights,” specifies the spokesperson. Internet users are even talking about boycotting Air Mauritius. Asked on this point, Atma Bumma responded as follows: “Those who advocate the boycott of the national aviation company are unpatriotic! … Air Mauritius remains a source of national pride. We must stop this 'Air Mauritius Bashing'! He highlighted that 80% of flights are on time.

“We have four state-of-the-art A350 jumbo jets. These aircraft are supported by two other A330-900 neo. There is nothing better on the market. The previous management had actually taken two A330-200s to support demand. The devices will soon be replaced. Air Mauritius will have three new A350s and many others,” he detailed.

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