Sugar production is estimated at some 250,000 tonnes for 2024, based on cane production of around 2.5 million tonnes and an average extraction rate of 10%. This is the first estimate of the harvest established following the first meeting of the Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee* held this week and chaired by the Chamber of Agriculture.

For comparison, 2.45 million tonnes of cane had been harvested in 2023, resulting in a production of 238,854 tonnes of sugar with an average extraction rate of 9.74%.

“The climatic conditions which will prevail during the winter period will be determining for the accumulation of sucrose and therefore for the extraction rate which will be achieved. Based on the information collected at this stage and taking into account current climatic conditions, sugar production should be around 250,000 tonnes in 2024,” reports the Chamber of Agriculture in a press release issued this Friday, June 14. .

Please note that the sugar campaign will begin this year on June 24 with the start-up of the Altéo factory in Union Flacq. Terra in the northern sector will follow on July 8 while Omnicane, located in the south of the island, will start on July 9. The sugar harvest should end around mid-December. .

*The Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee brings together representatives of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority, the Mauritius Sugarcane Industry Research Institute, sugar establishments, the Sugar Insurance Fund Board, the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate, Statistics Mauritius and the Ministry of Agro-industry .

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