On 12 September 2024, former Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) Rajanah Dhaliah will be informed of his fate regarding his motion to have the provisional charge of influence peddling against him struck out. Yesterday, Wednesday 3 July 2024, at the Port Louis court, the parties’ lawyers submitted their written submissions to Magistrate Waseemah Galamali.

For Mr. Trishul Naga, representing the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC), this body is not the appropriate forum to evaluate the evidence. Nor to judge the credibility of the declarant, namely Ajay Kumar Jeetoo, as the defense claims. The FCC's counsel also points out that in relation to the element of prejudice, Rajanah Dhaliah chose not to testify under oath. Thus, for Mr. Trishul Naga, Rajanah Dhaliah's motion must be dismissed.

For his part, Ravi Rutnah, lawyer for the former PPS, indicates that it is up to the Court to decide whether there is sufficient reasonable suspicion for this provisional charge to be maintained against his client. For the lawyer, the Court has the duty to analyze all the elements presented to it, mainly the testimony of the lead investigator Poonoosamy Moonesawmy. Rajanah Dhaliah's lawyer maintains that the witness was unable to say when the investigation will be completed given the complex and sensitive nature of this case. “My client has suffered and will continue to suffer significant harm,” insists Mr. Ravi Rutnah.

The FCC accuses Rajanah Dhaliah of having solicited a sum of Rs 4 million from Ajay Kumar Jeetoo in order to use his influence to facilitate the granting of a lease to The Eco Deer Park Association. This concerns a plot of land in Grand-Bassin. An offense allegedly committed in August 2020 at Citadelle Mall in Port-Louis.

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