Art Fm & BAO Comm, in partnership with GCP and Chandelle Productions, present the Francis Cabrel concert, which will take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October at the Trianon Convention Centre at 8 pm. “À l'aube revenant” marks Francis Cabrel's fourteenth studio album. As part of his world tour “Trobador Tour”, the artist will perform on stage in Mauritius in October. A key figure in French song since the end of the 70s, Francis Cabrel's flagship albums include hits such as “Les Chemins de Traverse” (1979), “Sarbacane” (1989), and “Samedi Soir Sur La Terre” (1994). His timeless songs such as “Je l'aime à mourir”, “Petite Marie” and “La corrida” have left their mark on several generations and continue to touch the hearts of music lovers. Tickets for the October 20 concert are sold out. There are still VIP tickets for the October 19 concert, available for purchase on Otayo for Rs 3,000.

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