Visham Busgeeth died of shock due to extensive burns. This is what the autopsy report, carried out by the forensic doctor, Dr. Prem Chamane, concluded. The charred body of the 41-year-old resident of Plaine-des-Papayes was found in his yard on the night of Wednesday June 19. He was self-immolated by none other than his brother, 39-year-old Ravi Busgeeth. The latter was arrested by the police. According to our findings, it was yet another argument that broke out between the two brothers yesterday which ended in murder. A cell phone story is said to be at the origin of this tragedy. Ravi Busgeeth attacked his brother with a brick to the head. Visham then collapsed

The suspect took a mattress from their house on which he then placed his brother's body and doused it with diesel before setting it on fire. He subsequently fled. Alerted by the fire, neighbors intervened and alerted the emergency services. An hour later, the suspect was arrested in a local hideout. He confessed during his interrogation.

The two brothers lived alone in this house. Visham Busgeeth had returned to Mauritius after a stay abroad, while the suspect works as a “Lab Attendant” in a private college in the north. He will be brought before the Pamplemousses court this Thursday for provisional indictment.

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