Visham Busgeeth, aged 41, met a horrible end. Living with his brother Ravi, two years younger, the two often had arguments. Their constant quarrels were known to the neighborhood, who had to intervene and even alert the police on a few occasions. After a moment of calm, however, discussions resumed with a vengeance.

On Wednesday June 19, the situation spiraled out of control. Visham, accusing his brother of stealing his cell phone, allegedly ordered him to return it to him. The tone rose and, in a fit of anger, the younger brother grabbed a brick and hit the forty-year-old with several blows. The victim lost consciousness. That's when his brother took a mattress, placed it on top, doused it with diesel and set it on fire. Visham Busgeeth died from excessive burns.

This tragedy shook the neighborhood where the Busgeeth brothers live. They come from a family of four children, two brothers and two sisters. Visham could have had another fate. “When he was young, he had the opportunity to go to Italy,” explains a neighbor of the victim. “He took steps to have one of his sisters come and join him at the time. She went there, met someone, got married and settled in Italy,” says Akilesh, a childhood friend of the two brothers.

But recently, Visham returned to the island to be with his parents. “His brother Ravi, who is a supervisor in a college, fell into alcoholism. He started selling everything in the house,” says Akilesh. A situation that his eldest could not tolerate once back home, especially since their parents were ill. “About a year ago, Visham returned and arguments started with his brother. He would take everything in their house and resell it.

There was an awning in front of the entrance to the house, Ravi removed it and sold it,” adds another neighbor who regularly attended the two brothers’ spats.

Visham worked as a mason. “He worked and made purchases for the house, but his brother took them and resold them to buy drinks,” explains the neighbor. Misfortune struck with the deaths of their parents. “Their father, who was ill, died and some time later, during the same year, their mother died,” he continues. The two brothers, single, found themselves left to their own devices in the family home.

They argued often, of course, but there were also times when they put their differences aside, but only for a moment. “Where did you find yourself well and am there. Zot al bwar tou ansam. Apre ener tan, ou tann zot rekomanse diskite, kan zot inn sou,” confides another resident of the neighborhood.

Akilesh recalls that a few days ago, both brothers had come to his house. “They no longer had a television and, during a football match, they were at home to follow the match. Afterwards, they returned home. After a few hours, we heard them start to argue. After the death of their parents, the arguments became much more frequent,” laments the young man.

Last Sunday, June 16, Visham noticed that his cell phone, which he had just bought, was no longer on the kitchen table where he had left it the day before. He searched without success. He suspected his brother Ravi of stealing it. He then went to the Plaine-des-Papayes police station to report this suspicious disappearance and expressed his suspicions that his brother Ravi was the perpetrator. The latter was then arrested. Once back at home, the arguments started again over the theft of the cell phone.

“They were arguing and Visham could be heard telling him to give him back his mobile. He said to his brother: 'See how you are going to give me back this cell phone that you stole',” we relate. On Wednesday, things got out of hand. “Since early in the morning, they were shouting at each other because of this cell phone. They were already tipsy. I went to see them to tell them to calm down because my father is ill,” Akilesh continues. After speaking to the brothers that morning, he left for work. The tragedy occurred early in the evening. The youngest brother, taken by a murderous madness, ended up committing the irreparable. He immolated Visham after dousing him with diesel. “It was he himself who came to our door to inform us that his brother had burned to death,” he said. Along with his relatives, they rushed to the back of the house and made a horrifying discovery. They found Visham charred.

The police arrested the victim's brother. He quickly confessed to the sleuths of the Pamplemousses CID, led by SI Seeparsand. The victim's funeral took place Thursday afternoon.

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