He wanted to get a loan, but his account was emptied. This is the bitter observation of a 61-year-old mechanic who saw an ad on Facebook. He filed a complaint for electronic fraud at the Vacoas police station.

On June 16, the mechanic was lured by an ad while surfing Facebook. It promised money loans for personal needs without any fees or payments. The money could be transferred to any bank. Moreover, the applications would be processed within 24 hours. He sent a message expressing his interest in a loan of Rs 50,000 and left his personal number.

Shortly after, he received a call from a foreign number. A man explained that he was responsible for collecting personal information about him to initiate the process. And he asked for his bank account number so that the money could be transferred to him. The mechanic gave him his bank account details, believing that his steps would come to fruition.

The next day, on June 17, he received another call from the same person. This time, he asked him to transfer Rs 7,500 to benefit from the Rs 50,000. Suspecting that this request was a trap, the mechanic refused to send him the money. He then made it clear that he no longer wanted to get the loan. He thought that the matter was settled, but on June 25, when he checked his bank account, he discovered that the sum of Rs 29,500 had disappeared. He asked for a bank statement and found that Rs 2,500 had been transferred to the account of an individual, Rs 10,000 to the account of another unknown person and Rs 17,000 to another account. He had not made these transactions. He filed a complaint. He suspects that the person to whom he had given his bank account details during the financial loan process had made these transfers. He handed over the documents relating to this case to the police.

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