• Rs 10,000 for an hour with a young Belarusian
  • Three members of the network arrested by the Flic-en-Flac police and the DCIU

Behind a luxury prostitution network operating in Flic-en-Flac, exploiting girls from Eastern European countries, lurks the shadow of the alleged mastermind, Thierry Petermann. The police have evidence showing that this man, wanted by the Mauritian authorities since 2022, is based in Dubai. But last month, the police struck hard by arresting three members of the network.

The police and the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) of Flic-en-Flac have put an end to the operations of a luxury prostitution ring in this seaside resort. A raid by investigators in a bungalow on Sunday May 5 resulted in the arrest of a 23-year-old Belarusian woman and a “client”.

During her interrogation, the woman said she was exploited by this network, forced to engage in luxury prostitution in this western coastal village. According to the Belarusian, she arrived in Mauritius on April 28, with a one-month tourist visa, to “work” as an Escort Girl. But she was caught in the meshes of this network and forced to monetize her charms to the tune of Rs 10,000 for an hour. The police believe that the mastermind of the network, a man named Thierry Petermann, is pulling the strings from Dubai where he has been hiding since 2022.

Modus operandi

For some time now, the police and the DCIU had been aware of the presence of foreign prostitutes in this part of the west coast. Late at night, the police, led by WASP Vimi Appadoo and inspectors Sunnia and Marden, launch a surveillance operation which will establish the modus operandi of the network. The police notice that luxury cars (Porsche and BMW among others) come to pick up girls coming from Eastern Europe, particularly Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

For several nights, the movements of these foreigners are closely followed. Finally, on Sunday May 5, the police and the DCIU attacked. Around 10:30 p.m., investigators arrived at Morcellement Ruisseau Palmyre, Flic-en-Flac, more precisely at Avenue Bibasse. On the spot, an all-terrain vehicle shows up and picks up a stranger. The driver, who is heading towards a bungalow on Radar Avenue, is unaware that his every move is being monitored by the police.
The “couple” settles into this bungalow to give free rein to their impulses. After about fifteen minutes, the police invaded the scene. Inside, a 42-year-old man and a 23-year-old prostitute from Belarus. Subjected to close interrogation, the “client” breaks down and reveals that he paid for the services of this girl for a sum of Rs 10,000 for an hour.

The “client” will make a major admission: it is from abroad, more precisely from Dubai, that the negotiations for this pass were validated. A name comes up again: Thierry Petermann. He would have negotiated with the “client”. The latter admits that he knows the name Thierry Petermann, a Franco-Mauritian, and that they exchanged texts leading to an agreement for an hour with the young woman in exchange for Rs 10,000.

These elements considered crucial obtained by the investigators, this case takes another turn: Thierry Mathieu Christophe Petermann is not unknown to the police in the spiral of prostitution. Since January 2022, he has been wanted by the Mauritian police. At the time, her name had surfaced in the wake of an investigation into a prostitution network still involving girls from Eastern Europe (see out of text).

From Dubai, the instructions were clear. Once the duration of sexual intercourse of one hour had elapsed, one of his trusted men, JA, would come and collect the girl and receive payment of Rs 10,000. In the early hours of Sunday May 5 to Monday May 6, a individual showed up to pick up the girl and pocket the money. However, it was another man, JD, who arrived in his place for payment. The police then confirmed that this network operated with formidable precision. JD was quickly surrounded and arrested. Through a tip-off, JA's involvement was established, also leading to his arrest shortly after.

Money transfer to Dubai

JA is known in Flic-en-Flac. He is responsible for the management of several bungalows. The two men were provisionally charged with human trafficking. Investigators are deepening their investigations into the involvement of Thierry Petermann. After several days of investigation, they managed to lift the veil on another important element. The money generated by this business is subsequently sent abroad, intended for Thierry Petermann.

Thus, with the progress of this investigation, on May 23, a third influential member of this international prostitution network was arrested. This is a man named EB, another trusted man of the brain. He is also charged with human trafficking before the Bambous court. The police strongly suspect that his mission was to transfer the proceeds to Thierry Petermann. A Travel Trail highlights several of his trips abroad.

In the wake of this investigation, a Mercedes, which was under the responsibility of JD, was seized by the police. The three members of this network have already obtained parole. Investigators are interested in tracing the alleged mastermind. With the assistance of the Passport & Immigration Office (PIO), the order was passed to the effect that he should be arrested upon arrival in the country. The Mauritian police alerted Interpol to track down Thierry Petermann in Dubai.

Dismantling of a Malagasy network

Double blow from the Flic-en-Flac police and the DCIU of the Western Division. In mid-December, investigators dismantled another active prostitution network, still in Flic-en-Flac, this time involving Malagasy people. A long-term investigation led to the arrest of 16 protagonists, including the Malagasy girls of joy, the recruiter, the transporter and other links in the network.

Thierry Petermann, alleged mastermind and recruiting agent of the network

Since January 2022, Thierry Petermann has been in the sights of the Mauritian police. This after the denunciations of a 38-year-old Belarusian. On January 7, 2022, she arrived at the Flic-en-Flac police station to denounce Thierry Petermann as the mastermind of a luxury prostitution network involving girls from Eastern Europe. Intriguingly, two days later, Thierry Petermann managed to leave Mauritian territory before being worried by the police. It turns out that he used a trick on his identity to leave the territory. At the time, Superintendent Sam Bansoodeb of the Western Division requested the Passport & Immigration Office to issue an “Arrest On Departure” against him.

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