Three years ago, Pushpa Singh decided to push her limits by launching herself into the world of entrepreneurship, with the support of her husband. A bold move that has paid off.

It is with a warm smile and contagious joy that Pushpa Singh welcomes us into her studio in Phoenix, a haven of creativity and innovation named “Kestrel”, in homage to this rare bird that symbolizes freedom and ambition. Three years ago, she decided to leave her comfort as a housewife to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Supported by her husband Vikrant Singh, a business consultant and life coach, she has created her own universe, where passion and determination reign supreme.

Her adventure began with the assembly and fitting of LED bulbs, eco-responsible products that contribute to the preservation of the environment. Her commitment to sustainable development did not stop there. Driven by a desire to innovate and meet the daily needs of Mauritians, she expanded her product range by creating non-slip slippers, stainless steel sponges and biodegradable paper dishes. Her motto, “made by Mauritians, for Mauritians and used by Mauritians”, reflects her deep commitment to her country and her community.

Today, Pushpa Singh is no longer just a devoted wife and mother, she is an accomplished business leader who wants to give back to the local community by creating opportunities and jobs in the distribution chain, and providing training opportunities to those who need it most to empower them. Her story is a reminder that no matter our background or walk of life, we all have the potential to achieve our dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

Pushpa Singh is an inspiration to all women who aspire to achieve their full potential. Her story reminds us that success is not a matter of luck or privilege, but rather the result of hard work, boundless passion and an unwavering will to succeed.

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