The Medine Group has managed to raise Rs 1.1 billion through the issuance of bonds over a five-year period, closing on June 26, 2024. This fundraising has attracted keen interest from investors, attracted by both variable and fixed rates considered highly competitive.

The issuance was marked by the receipt of a 'CARE MAU A' rating from the rating agency CARE Ratings (Africa), attesting to the stability of Medine's cash flows, its robust operational and financial performance, as well as the consistency of its revenues. These bonds, considered as low-risk debt, will be used to refinance existing debts and support the Group's future growth in the real estate and education sectors.

Cindy Choong, Chief Financial Officer of Medine, highlights that the enthusiasm of local investors validates their long-term financial management and supports the projects of expanding educational infrastructure and developing new programs. This transaction strengthens the financial position of Medine, listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, thus paving the way for new growth opportunities and international partnerships.

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