At the meeting of the MSM's expanded central committee on Saturday at the Sun Trust, Pravind Jugnauth told members that the government “will complete its mandate.” A number of projects and inaugurations are still on the agenda before the legislative elections. Among them, the handing over of keys to several hundred social housing units as part of the project to build 12,000 housing units, reduced to 8,000. The first units should be delivered in August.

It is reported that during his speech, the head of government and leader of the MSM did not say a word about the by-election in Montagne-Blanche/GRSE (10) to replace the former minister Vikram Hurdoyal who had resigned as deputy of this constituency on February 13 after being dismissed as Minister of Agro-industry.

In any case, the Nomination Day for this by-election, which should take place, according to the established program, on October 9, is scheduled for this Thursday, July 11.

If the dissolution of Parliament does not take place before October 11, the government will be able, legally speaking, to go until November 21, when the automatic dissolution of the National Assembly will take place.

The minimum period for general elections is 30 days. If the government opts for automatic dissolution, general elections can be held no earlier than December 22.

In 2019, Parliament was dissolved about a month before the by-election that was to take place in Piton/Rivière-du-Rempart (7) following the resignation of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo as minister and MP on March 21 of that year. The by-election to replace him was set for November 13, 2019.

On August 16, Vikash Nuckcheddy will even be designated as a candidate by the MSM as part of this electoral exercise. But, on October 6, 2019, about five weeks before this date, Pravind Jugnauth announced, through a statement broadcast by the MBC, that he had requested the dissolution of the National Assembly from the President of the Republic, thus setting Nomination Day for Tuesday, October 22. The country was then recalled to the polls on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

Vikash Nuckcheddy will ultimately be a candidate in the general elections at no. 9 (Flacq/Bon-Accueil) and will be elected.

The head of government can choose the same tactic by asking the President of the Republic to dissolve Parliament at any time before the by-election on October 9. In this case, the by-election will not take place. The Representation of the People Act provides for a maximum period of 145 days, or just under five months, to hold general elections once the National Assembly is dissolved.

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