Three Mauritian pilgrims died during the Hajj: Bibi Shenaz Eydatoulah (60 years old), Bibi Amina Lallmohamed (67 years old) and Farook Soobratee (71 years old).

This was confirmed to Défi Plus by the president of the board of directors of the Islamic Cultural Center, Yousuf Salehmohamed. “To date, we have recorded three deaths among Mauritians, two women and one man. They all died of natural causes,” he said in a brief message to the editorial staff. Bibi Shenaz Eydatoulah and Bibi Amina Lallmohamed died in Mina while Farook Soobratee died in Mecca.

The three deceased pilgrims had all retained the services of Hazrat Bilall Islamic Institute. One of its representatives, Junaid Emambux, discusses the last death of his group, that of Farook Soobratee.

The septuagenarian started feeling unwell on Monday, after performing the Hajj. “I went to see him in his room. He felt weak and he was vomiting,” he said. His case deteriorated on Tuesday evening while he was in his hotel room.

Farook Soobratee was taken to hospital where he was revived. “Inn gayn enn ti batman leker. Inn essay gard li lor laparey me Wednesday linn mor,” indicates our interlocutor from Saudi Arabia. He specifies that the funeral rites of the septuagenarian, originally from Vale, were performed on Thursday June 20.

Help down

Regarding Bibi Amina Lallmohamed, Junaid Emambux explains that she died in Mina on Sunday June 16. The Phoenix resident had just returned after spending the night in Muzdalifa where pilgrims must sleep under the stars. “We were on the same bus. I actually helped him get off the bus.

As soon as she came down, she returned to the ladies' tent. She changed and died. Linn mor devan ban lezot pilgrim mem,” specifies our interlocutor.

According to Junaid Emambux, Bibi Amina Lallmohamed suffered from comorbidities. “Li pa ti byen. She and her husband spent most of their time in their room,” he adds.

As for Bibi Shenaaz Eydatoulah, she passed away on the night of Sunday June 9, shortly before the start of the hajj. Aged 60, this resident of Beau-Bassin undertook the trip in the company of her husband. According to her relatives in Mauritius, the sixty-year-old was in good health and did not suffer from any illness.

Early in the morning of Sunday June 9, Bibi Shenaaz Eydatoulah reportedly fell seriously ill. She was rushed to hospital, but did not survive.

According to the Ambassador of Mauritius to Saudi Arabia, Showkutally Soodhun, except for Bibi Amina Lallmohamed, the funerals of Farook Soobratee and Bibi Shenaz Eydatoulah have already taken place.

Showkutally Soodhun: “Improvements will need to be made”

The Ambassador of Mauritius to Saudi Arabia, Showkutally Soodhun, shows his satisfaction with the progress of the Hajj this year. He speaks of the result of close collaboration between the staff of the embassy, ​​those of the Islamic Cultural Center and the operators.

However, the Mauritian ambassador suggests that improvements will have to be made for the 2025 Hajj, particularly concerning the elderly. “For example, we had a couple this year in which the wife was in a wheelchair while the husband struggled to walk. The Hajj quickly becomes complicated for them. It is also problematic when elderly people suffer from illnesses that make their hajj difficult,” he says.

If Showkutally Soodhun indicates that he cannot prevent anyone from performing the Hajj, whatever their state of health, he suggests that some must be accompanied by a loved one who can take care of them if necessary.

Concerning the three deceased Mauritians, Showkutally Soodhun maintains that all necessary assistance was offered to them from the time they fell ill until their burial. “We did our best,” he said.

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