Art is omnipresent in Hajrah Ismaël's life. This passion for art, which she carefully cultivated, also resonated with her son, Wazeerudeen. As ardent admirers of art in all its forms, they share a deep connection with this creative discipline.

At the age of 23, Wazeerudeen Ismaël excels in the art of pastry. Much more than a simple pastry chef, he transforms his sweet creations into true works of art, adding drawings and artistic elements. This artistic touch, which characterizes his delights, comes from his mother, Hajrah, an artist who excels in Chinese painting.

“I am passionate about art. When I was little, I looked at my mother's paintings and I wanted to draw like her. My teachers helped me a lot with my drawings in college. My mother also taught me many things. As I have always had a love for nature, I reproduced what I saw on paper using the technique of watercolor and colored pencils,” recalls Wazeerudeen Ismaël.

Wazeerudeen Ismaël has participated in several painting competitions and won several first prizes. Painting is a part-time passion for him, and his mother is extremely proud of it.

“Art brings me so many benefits. I paint every day, and the inner peace it brings me is incredible. I didn't want to deprive my sons of this experience. Wazeerudeen has always been very attracted to painting,” emphasizes Hajrah Ismaël, mother of two children.

In 2020, Hajrah and Wazeerudeen designed a mural in the heart of Chinatown, with a message against racism.

Hajrah Ismaël's passion for Chinese painting dates back to the age of 18. Already at school, she was very attracted to arts classes, and after her studies, she took classes at MGI. However, she was not really seduced by the techniques she learned there until the day she discovered Chinese ink painting at the Chinese Cultural Center (CCC). As a member of the Fine Arts Association of the CCC she also provides lessons to young people.

Both fervent art lovers, the relationship between mother and son is inseparable from their common passion. “We support each other. Sometimes, when she is immersed in her painting, I offer her ideas, and she does the same with me. This beautiful bond that we share around art is precious,” says the young man.

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