On Wednesday June 19, the Financial Crimes Division (FCD) rendered a guilty verdict against Joseph Noël André. The sentence will be pronounced on June 25, 2024. In March 2026, this 54-year-old resident of Albion had given Rs 2.4 million to a third person for the purchase of a boat in the name of Mike Didier Brasse, arrested for an offense drug.

In this case, Joseph Noël André was prosecuted on six charges of money laundering. He was accused by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), now the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC), of having given sums of money, totaling Rs 2.4 million, to a man named Parvin Appadoo on five occasions. The latter converted the money into checks for the purchase of a boat. Offenses committed from March 9 to 18, 2016 in Terre-Rouge. The fifty-year-old was accused of having, in December 2016, been in possession of a property which was purchased and renovated with money resulting from illicit activities. The accused pleaded not guilty. In his four statements, he denied having given the money to Parvin Appadoo for the purchase of a boat. Regarding the house in his partner's name, he explained that the money came from his pig farming.

Magistrate Bibi Razia Jannoo-Jaunbocus took into account the testimony of Parvin Appadoo who confirmed that Joseph Noël André had given him several sums of money in 2016, for which he had issued ten checks for the purpose of this transaction. He had also clarified the purpose of his involvement in the purchase of the boat. Parvin Appadoo was also prosecuted and convicted in this case. It was also established that it was Joseph Noël André who made the payment of Rs 740,000 in 2009 for the acquisition of the property. This forty-year-old maintained that it was he who had done the renovations at a cost of Rs 200,000.

For the magistrate, the fact that the accused had turned to Parvin Appadoo indicates that there is definitely something illegal in this transaction. In addition, the court notes that the boat was ultimately purchased in the name of Mike Didier Brasse. He was arrested in November 2016 on Reunion Island with 100 kg of drugs worth Rs 150 million. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for this offense. Which indicates, said the magistrate, that there was a connection between the forty-year-old and Mike Brasse who had been arrested in the company of a mechanic and a skipper. In addition, it was he who introduced Joseph Noël André to Parvin Appadoo for the conversion of sums of money into checks. It was also Mike Didier Brasse who accompanied the accused on the last day of payment to give him instructions to purchase the boat in his name. The Court was also presented with proof that Joseph Noël André had, in October 2015, made a bank transfer from Mauritius in the name of Mike Didier Brasse who was on Reunion Island.

“When the accused lied in an attempt to conceal the true origin of the money, he knew that the money came from a tainted origin,” indicated the magistrate. Thus, the Court concluded that the sums of money came from illicit activities, hence a guilty verdict against the accused.

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