• DNA test results awaited

His family had not heard from him for at least two years. Gaétan Pin, 73, lived alone in Saint-Paul. Two weeks ago, his brother came to see him but did not find him. Worried, he informed the local police. On Wednesday, July 3, officers entered the house and discovered bones. Samples were taken and the results of DNA tests are awaited.

The septuagenarian's family was alerted. André, the older brother, explains that “we haven't seen each other for about two years. He is a very discreet person, who likes peace and quiet and doesn't like to be disturbed. He lives alone and is not married.” Gaétan Pin, he adds, was in good health. “He used to come to Port Louis.”

Abandoned house

The two brothers saw each other, but very rarely. Two weeks ago, André said he went to his brother's house for a happy event. “I went to Gaétan's to give him an invitation to a wedding. I have a grandson who is getting married soon and he is invited. I went to his house personally to give him the invitation,” he said.

But when he arrived at the septuagenarian's door, he noticed that plants had invaded the facade of the house. “The climbing plants had grown and the house looked abandoned for several months. The door was locked. In addition, his mailbox was full of mail, including a bill dated 2022. That worried me,” explains the brother.

André Pin and family members first tried to find out if Gaétan had gone to stay with other relatives for a few days. But after several days, there was still no news from him. The Phoenix police were then alerted.

So on Wednesday, July 3, the police went to the septuagenarian's home. Relatives were also present. The door had to be forced open. Inside, the police found bones in a room. These were taken to the morgue at Victoria Hospital in Candos for further analysis. “We are now waiting for the DNA results to confirm,” his brother says with sorrow.

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