• Thief and fence caught

The house of a cook residing in Grand-Baie was robbed over the weekend. The perpetrator made off with the victim's jewellery and other personal belongings, all valued at Rs 500,000. On Monday, the local Criminal Investigation Division (CID) arrested a 37-year-old suspect. He confessed.

In his account to the police, the victim explained that the events occurred between Saturday and Sunday afternoon while he was away. He noticed that his house was in disarray. After checking, he discovered that cakes, gold chains, rings, a mobile phone and bracelets, among other things, had disappeared. He then told the police that he suspected two local residents of being the perpetrators of the theft.

On July 8, Inspector Thakoor and his team from the Grand-Baie CID arrested Nicolas Jonathan David Alexandre, 37, in this case. He was asked a series of questions about the theft, but he made it clear to investigators that he would only speak in the presence of his lawyer. The police then raided his home to conduct a search. They found a pair of slippers, two wedding rings and three chains, suspected of coming from the cook's house.

However, the next day, investigators again tried to obtain a confession from the suspect. Faced with the evidence, he finally confessed. He confirmed his participation in the theft and stated that once he had the jewelry in his possession, he went to a woman's house in Triolet, to whom he sold them. Investigators went to her house to arrest him. A search of his house allowed the police to find more jewelry.

During an identification exercise, the suspect identified the woman as the person to whom he had resold the jewelry. The victim, for her part, confirmed that some of the jewelry found at the two suspects' homes belonged to her. The perpetrator was charged in the Pamplemousses District Court with theft, while the woman was provisionally charged with possession of stolen goods.

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