Since May 16, 2024, Veena has been living a real ordeal. After filing a complaint with the local police, she is still waiting for action to be taken against her nephew, who installed cameras with audio recording just a foot away from her house, thus capturing everything that happens in her home, including her bedroom. This situation, which should have been addressed urgently, remains unanswered by the authorities for now.

This Baie-du-Tombeau resident explains that all their conversations are recorded and that her husband, exasperated by this intrusion, even considered destroying the camera. When the nephew called the police, it was Veena and her husband who received a warning, even though they were not at fault. Veena is worried about her safety and that of her daughters, because her nephew even bragged about being able to see and hear everything in her home. “I fear for my safety, especially when my husband and I are not at home and our daughters are alone at home,” she confides, desperately.

Derek Andrew Lo Fan Hin, a specialist lawyer, explains that Mauritian law does not specify a minimum distance for the installation of cameras, but it protects the right to privacy. “Veena has the right to call the police. It is strange that the police have not done anything so far. She can file a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for police negligence,” he points out.

He also advises Veena to contact the Data Protection Office, which can intervene in such situations. “She can file a complaint online, without having to go out,” adds Mr Lo Fan Hin. The police have an obligation to consider the circumstances, including threats to distribute the videos on social media. “Without her consent, no one can distribute videos of her private life,” he insists.

Mr Lo Fan Hin has pledged to help Veena by providing legal advice and following up on her case. “Her nephew has no right to do what he is doing. We will do everything we can to ensure justice is served,” he said.

Veena hopes that this intervention will end her nightmare and restore peace to her and her family.

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