• The couple's 15-year-old son and the woman's partner were arrested
  • Loot worth over a million rupees taken away
  • Two other suspects “wanted”

A woman named Chekoory Ramkissoon, 42, is accused of having conspired with her partner, Avish Carteh, to burgle her ex-husband's home in Chamouny, Chemin-Grenier. Four individuals attacked the ex-husband and stole over a million rupees and jewelry, before kidnapping him and leaving him to his fate in the middle of the night.

For the purposes of this “mission”, Avish Carteh had called upon three friends. In the early hours of Sunday, July 7, the gang of four arrived at the home of the ex-husband. At that late hour, this taxi driver and former jeweler, aged 58, was fast asleep. He was then abruptly awakened by violent knocks on his door. He said he went to see what was happening and saw a man dressed in a uniform “ki ti resanble iniform lapolis” and three other individuals “an sivil”. He was unable to identify them “because they had a mask and a leg”.

The fifty-year-old opened the door for them and the four men entered. “Thank you for informing me that you have a document that contains a search warrant that gives you permission to hide your secrets. They say that they need to find a way to get rid of the snake. “They were in my arms,” ​​the ex-husband said.

During the search, the intruders were interested in a safe. They also attacked the taxi driver. “Zot inn trangle mwa e zot inn bat mwa.” The gang then got their hands on the contents of this safe: money worth more than Rs 1 million and jewelry. But the driver's ordeal was far from over…

These pseudo-police officers then took their target into their vehicle. “Pou bizin amenn ou kazern”, they told him. Once on board, the individuals took the road leading to Grand-Bassin. “Kan inn ariv Les Mares, misie an iniform-la inn tir mo menot e zot inn pous mwa. Monn tom dan kanivo”. The criminals continued on their way, abandoning the taxi driver there. It was only later in the morning of Sunday, July 7 that he was able to go to the Chemin-Grenier police station to report his misadventure.

Link established

Very quickly, investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Chemin-Grenier, led by Inspector Padayachi, under the supervision of Superintendent of Police (SP) Surnam, were mobilized. With the support of the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) and the CID of Souillac and Bel-Ombre, they began a meticulous investigation. The sleuths found that it was the work of a gang of criminals and not of police officers. The investigation by the Southern Criminal Police quickly established a link between Chekoory Ramkissoon, the ex-wife of the complainant, and the gang of criminals.

The driver's ex-wife and their 15-year-old son were taken into custody and subjected to intense questioning. She quickly confessed to being the mastermind behind the assault, robbery and kidnapping of her ex-husband. She was the one who ordered her partner Avish Carteh to commit the violent robbery. The son is accused of passing on essential information to his mother to carry out the attack.

To date, four suspects have been arrested by the Chemin-Grenier CID: Chekoory Ramkissoon, Avish Carteh, a man named Arvind J., from the North, and the minor. The son, after his interrogation, was allowed to return home. The other three suspects are still in police custody. Two other individuals are being sought in the wake of this investigation.

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