• The MCIT seized of the case

Macabre discovery on the morning of Tuesday June 11. Human bones were found on agricultural land in Forbach, Fond-du-Sac. It was a man who rented the land, who alerted the Plaine-des-Papayes police and the owner.

In his explanations to the police, the tenant claims to have rented this portion of land, which extends over 75 poles, for the cultivation of bananas. Since the land was fallow, he used an excavator to clear it. A week ago, the work began and on the morning of Tuesday June 11, during a visit to the site, the tenant said he noticed bones which were wrapped in a white sheet. He maintains that the owner had informed him before renting the land to him that he had cremated his parents on this land when they died.

The tenant claims to have then asked the excavator operator not to handle this part of the land. On Wednesday June 12, in the evening, he explained to the police that he had informed the owner that the bones found were wrapped in a white sheet. It was there that the owner told him that at no time were his parents' bodies in white sheets. This is how the two men decided to alert the police.

The MCIT sleuths, led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikash Seebaruth, the CID of the Northern Division, and the forensic police have taken up the case.

Faced with the police, the owner indicated that he had buried one of his parents on this land. But he later recanted.

On Wednesday evening, police raided the scene and the place was placed under police surveillance. On Thursday, the bones were recovered and placed under seal by elements of the scientific police. They were shifted to the mortuary of Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital for post-mortem examination, by the forensic department. DNA samples will have to take place in the coming days. The main goal of investigators is to determine the identity of the deceased.

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