• The mother was sleeping next to the child in pain.
  • The suspects are aged between 6 and 7 years old.

This is a story that deeply dismays and shocks. In a statement, in the presence of her mother and a member of the Brigade for the Protection of the Family (BPF), a 4-year-old girl claims to have been sexually assaulted by three young boys aged between six and seven. The events allegedly occurred on the night of Thursday, June 27, at the little girl's home. Her mother was sleeping soundly next to her.

After complaining of pain, the child was taken to hospital on Monday afternoon. In the presence of her mother, the 4-year-old girl described suffering in her private parts. In her account, the child explained that she was sleeping in the same bed as her mother when a group of young boys burst into the house and her bedroom. She said she was touched and sexually assaulted. Despite her screams, her mother did not wake up, being in a deep sleep.

The mother was called to give a statement to police on Tuesday. She said that the night before, before going to bed, she had taken medication to help her sleep because she was feeling unwell.

The girl was admitted to hospital under observation. She will be examined by a police doctor. The child's mother said she was determined to participate in the various police procedures for the purpose of the investigation. However, she said she had already washed the clothes her daughter was wearing at the time of the attack. The police are trying to identify the alleged attackers. They are expected to be arrested and taken to the police station along with their parents.

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