Good pick made by sleuths from the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit of the North. Having precise information on a cultivation of cannabis plants in a wooded area in Daruty, in the north of the island, the squad, led by Assistant Superintendent Jhurry and Sergeant Hélène, carried out, on Monday June 17, a hunt in this abandoned land. Indeed, during this search around 6 a.m., the police's suspicions were quickly confirmed with the presence of thirteen plastic bags filled with soil, carefully hidden among wild grasses. In each of these bags several cannabis plants were grown, numbering 128. The plants measured between 9 and 156 centimeters.

Once this discovery was made, police officers from the anti-drug squad quickly secured the perimeter. They started discreet surveillance with a view to tracing the farmer. Indeed, around 9:30 a.m., a man arrived in this field and began to handle these cannabis plants, according to the police. This is a man named Sacheedev C., who was immediately surrounded by Adsu bloodhounds. This 43-year-old gardener, from Cap-Malheureux, was arrested immediately by the anti-drug squad. On Tuesday, he was provisionally charged with cultivating cannabis before the Rivière-du-Rempart court. He remains in police custody. Adsu continues its investigations.

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