The Terre-Rouge Criminal Investigation Division, together with the Port-Louis North unit, is investigating a series of motorcycle thefts committed in the Terre-Rouge and Plaine-Verte regions.

On July 3, Didier Thierry Bissessur was arrested by Inspector Forod's squad of the Terre-Rouge criminal police for attempted theft of a motorcycle in the locality. The two-wheeler was parked in front of the yard of a graphic designer who had been commissioned by the owner to decorate the motorcycle with stickers.

The helmet and ignition keys were placed on the vehicle. It was then that Didier Thierry Bissessur was filmed approaching the two-wheeler, placing the full-face helmet on his head before trying to drive away with the vehicle. The criminal had already settled on the Arpilla 150 motorcycle when he was suddenly intercepted by the graphic designer. The latter threw himself on the criminal and the two came to blows.

Abandoning the motorcycle on the spot, the suspect managed to escape before being arrested later by the criminal police. Faced with this case of attempted theft, Didier Thierry Bissessur, aged 28 and from Belle-Vue-Maurel, confessed. He has since been in police custody.

On Saturday, July 6, it was the turn of investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division of Plaine-Verte to question the suspect about several cases of motorcycle theft committed in the Plaine-Verte region. He admitted his participation in a case committed on Route des Pamplemousses, Plaine-Verte, which occurred on Tuesday, July 2. The owner had left his helmet and keys on the motorcycle, which would have made the thief's task easier. The stolen motorcycle was recovered.

The suspect was also questioned about other cases of theft and attempted theft of motorcycles that occurred at Route Militaire and Rue La Paix, Port-Louis. But the suspect denied the facts. He also denied having attempted to steal a motorcycle at Cité Martial, Port-Louis, around 4 a.m. on Monday, June 17. A resident of this neighborhood was suddenly awakened by hearing a deafening noise coming from outside his house. Immediately, he rushed outside and discovered a stranger sitting on his Yamaha motorcycle. While he was reprimanding the thief, he claims that a second criminal approached him and threatened him with a sharp weapon. Then, the two thugs fled.

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