The Consumers Association of Mauritius (ACIM) is opposed to the increase in the amount of fines resulting from the amendments to the Road Traffic Act. The association is planning a peaceful demonstration on Saturday, July 13, in the streets of the capital to denounce the authorities' way of doing things.

Jayen Chellum believes that the authorities wanted to introduce a measure to replenish the state coffers, despite the denials of the Minister of Transport Alan Ganoo. Some fines can be close to a quarter of a motorist's salary, he pointed out during a press conference on Saturday, July 6.

According to the Secretary General of ACIM, the causes of road accidents are multiple. He cites, in no particular order, the poor state of the roads, road signs obstructed by plants or even sugar canes overflowing onto the road. The points-based license, believes Jayen Chellum, had a greater deterrent effect. Moreover, he argues, the number of road accidents had stabilized after its introduction. The figures rose again when the points-based license was abolished, going from 125 victims of fatal accidents from 2014 to 2015, to 152 in 2017 in the wake of the abolition of the points-based license, he emphasizes.

On the other hand, Jayen Chellum criticizes the “highjacking” of the national radio and television station. He also denounces the boycott of his press conferences. After all the letters sent to the MBC management in recent years, Jayen Chellum makes it clear that this situation cannot continue. “We do not accept the MBC's policies to disturb the population,” Jayen Chellum insists.

ACIM also criticises the actions of Speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer in Parliament. “The Speaker will not accept it. The holy law is used by the lepep. There must be a population that you would like to see such things happen. “It is mandatory to serve it and know that it is affecting the population,” he insists.

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