Employees of the Casinos of Mauritius held their special general meeting at noon on Thursday June 13. The atmosphere was tense, but determined. Faced with a situation deemed “unacceptable”, employees voted in favor of a general strike followed by a sit-in. However, in a spirit of conciliation, they granted a “last chance” to the State Investment Corporation. She took note of their requirements.

The main demand of the employees is a salary increase of 15%. This request, made by union representatives, is seen as “legitimate and necessary to cope with inflation and the rise in the cost of living”.

According to trade unionists, negotiations with the SIC have so far not led to satisfactory results. The employees, at the end of their patience, have set an ultimatum: if the SIC does not accept their request by June 27, an order will be issued to paralyze the four casinos in the country from June 28.

“We have been patient and reasonable, but it is time for our voices to be heard and our rights to be respected,” said a representative of the Casinos Employees Union (CEU) in a statement to Le Défi Quotidien shortly after the meeting.

The CEU indicates that their action is not directed against customers or the public, but against what they consider to be unfair management on the part of the SIC. “We regret that it has come to this, but we no longer have a choice,” continues the CEU. “The 10% increase proposed by the SIC is derisory. This is why we are asking him to review his copy and accept the 15% proposed by the CEU. Casino employees are mobilized and determined,” highlights the CEU.

The management of the State Investment Corporation (SIC) claims that “negotiations are still ongoing”. But, to date, the organization is sticking to its proposal of a 10% increase. “We were informed of the two-week ultimatum voted at the general employee meeting on Thursday. The management of the SIC is awaiting official correspondence from the CEU,” it says.

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