Civil servants flocked to the Swami Vivekananda Center in Pailles this Sunday to celebrate International Civil Service Day, as evidenced by the long line of vehicles heading towards Pailles. The Prime Minister's speech was eagerly awaited on this occasion. He assured that the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) is already working on the salary readjustment file, especially after the minimum income was raised to Rs 20,000. Pravind Jugnauth affirmed that special attention is given to this file and assured that as soon as the PRB's recommendations are ready, his government will implement them.

The head of government also denounced the “agitators” and “provocateurs” who attack civil servants in the exercise of their duties, as well as those who attack them on social networks. Pravind Jugnauth insisted that his government will not tolerate such acts.

While rumors circulated that civil servants would be given a day off to encourage their participation in the event, no announcement to this effect was made by the Prime Minister. The latter declared that there was a “failure” and affirmed that his work is committed to making the International Day of the Civil Service as significant an event as other international days.

Images: Warren Marie

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