The Cabinet, which met on Friday, approved the introduction of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill and the Political Financing Bill in the National Assembly.

The objective of the Constitutional Bill is to amend the Constitution to grant additional powers and functions to the Electoral Supervisory Commission and the Electoral Commissioner in matters of political financing.

The Political Finance Bill aims to introduce provisions to ensure accountability and transparency in relation to political finance, with a view to promoting equality of opportunity, ensuring fair competition and preventing undue influence and corruption. No political donation may be made to an unregistered political party or to any person other than a registered political party, to a member of the National Assembly or to a person nominated to stand as a candidate in the National Assembly elections. .

The Representation of the People Act will be amended to:

1. To impose a limit on the electoral expenses of a political party or an alliance of parties during an election to the National Assembly, with a legal obligation for these parties or alliances to submit a report of these electoral expenses.

2. To increase the electoral expenses that a candidate may incur during an election to the National Assembly, to the Rodrigues Regional Assembly or during a local election.

3. To regulate temporary campaign seats and campaign districts, commonly known as “baz”, during elections to the National Assembly, the Rodrigues Regional Assembly or during local elections.

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