“Lavi pli zoli san ladrog. » Now in his fifties, J., who has been on the methadone program for about eight years, took some time to come to this conclusion. It was through his relationships that he tasted his first doses of drugs. Caught in the spiral, he couldn't stop. He confides that he also wanted to improve his sexual performance.

However, he quickly understands that drug use only provides fleeting pleasure. But it is difficult for him to give up despite the support and encouragement of those around him: his wife and his children. All he cared about was getting his daily dose.

“Sa zafer fami dir ou fer promes ki ou pou aret-la, manti sa. Li pa marse. This is a personal design,” he explains. And with drugs readily available in his neighborhood at the time, he only had to go out on the trail to find them, he said.

“Ladrog ti bon marse sa lepok-la ek lavi pa ti osi ser ki asterla,” points out J. He continued to take drugs for around thirty years, even though those around him repeatedly asked him to give up.

J. says he was often lectured to stop taking illicit substances, but it wasn't easy. However, the turning point came when he realized that he had lost his dignity and the respect of those around him. “Pa ti enn lavi sa. »

This is how, following a personal decision, he turned to the Idrice Goomany center to seek help. After several counseling sessions, he was placed in the methadone substitution program. Since then, he has regained his taste for life.

“Mo al pran mo doz tou-le-gramatin, apre mo al travay. Tanto mor rant lakaz mo found my family. Mo nepli pran ladrog,” he says. He thus regained the dignity and respect of those around him.

“My family finds that it is easy for them to know what it is and what it is for their family. Zordi mo santi mwa pli bien ki avan,” underlines J. He also affirms that he has rediscovered the joy of living. One of his little pleasures is meeting up with his family after work and having a little aperitif from time to time at home.

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