Pravin Kanakiah was supposed to participate in a “laboratory steering committee” on December 10, 2020. However, that day, he did not show up at his office. These are the words of Prakash Nirmal Babeea, the Acting Principal Government Analyst and colleague of the deceased, on Friday June 21, 2024, at the Souillac court.

This “Acting Principal Government Analyst” testified as part of the judicial investigation initiated to shed light on the death of Pravin Kanakiah. The body of this Procurement and Supply Officer of the Ministry of Finance, aged 38, was found on December 11, 2020 in La Roche qui Pleure in Gris-Gris.

Prakash Nirmal Babeea held the position of Acting Chief Government Analyst since October 2020 following the retirement of his predecessor. He claimed that, on December 10, 2020, Reshmee Kanakiah, the wife of the deceased, came to her husband's workplace, but the latter was not there. “Nounn esay gete ant kamarad si kikenn konn kitsoz, me personn pa ti ena informasion”.

It was only on December 11, 2020, when two police officers from Moka police station came to the Government Analyst Division (GAD) in Réduit, that they were informed of the death of Pravin Kanakiah.

The witness confirmed that on December 12, 2020, he and colleagues went to the funeral of Pravin Kanakiah and he met his widow. She told him that she had requested a second autopsy to find out the truth about her husband's death. Because, according to the widow, there were “deep cuts” on her husband’s corpse. Following this revelation, he claims to have said to her “wi, li bon bizin kone kinn arive”.

On the other hand, the witness mentioned that the deceased was a jovial, calm person and very diligent in his work. It was on December 9, 2020 that they last spoke and Pravin Kanakiah had told her that he wanted to take some time off to be with his child. “It doesn’t show depression or it shows pressure,” he said.

Prakash Nirmal Babeea also indicated that he had called on the police to open the office and the “blinds” that the deceased managed, after his death. The witness will have to appear in court again, on July 9, 2024, and produce a report from a “board of investigation” set up concerning the files that Pravin Kanakiah was handling.

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