Rs 300 million of the supplementary budget 2023-24 has been earmarked for the purchase of medicines and vaccines. To criticism of laxity in the management of public money and the stock of medicines, Kailesh Jagutpal, Minister of Health, responded that “there is no mismanagement of public funds”.

The latter explains that no one can accurately calculate the number of medications and vaccines needed for an entire financial year. He also says that if the government has to spend more, it is also because there is “great confidence” among the public in public health care. “In 2023, there were 8.9 million visits to our hospitals. More than 52,000 operations have been performed here. 75% of the population comes to us. I congratulate the staff on behalf of the population.”

Minister Jagutpal also says that more money is needed because the price of medicines has increased, as has freight. And it is also because new drugs have been introduced. “It can happen that there is a poor estimate of the number of medications needed. » Because the service operates 24/7 and “it is impossible to predict with accuracy the quantity of medicines we will need”.

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