• “He had a lot of plans,” confides a close friend

Relatives and friends of this young member of the SSU find it hard to believe his sudden disappearance. They all describe a young man with a promising future who tragically lost his life in a road accident on Wednesday.

He is one of those beings who leave an indelible mark on those they meet along the way. And whose absence, as sudden as it is tragic, remains a gaping wound. Kashish Rashpassing was one of them. A rock for those close to him. A sincere friend. A promising 24-year-old police officer from the Special Supporting Unit (SSU), to whom a good career seemed to open his arms. The promises of life, however, remained unresolved. On Wednesday, the young man, originally from Grand-Gaube, tragically lost his life in a road accident.

Jason, his childhood friend, can't believe he's gone. To the vanished dreams of his friend, whom he affectionately nicknamed Cheng. “Li ti ena boukou bu dan so lavi”, confides with difficulty the young man, also 24 years old. “He had plans. In particular, he wanted to have his license soon. He knew how to drive, but didn't yet have a license. I encouraged him. He left for work on a motorcycle and confided to me that he did not feel safe on a motorcycle,” he says.

Kashish Rashpassing and Jason became friends when they were both young boys. “I was nine years old when I came to live in the region. Cheng was the first friend I had,” he recalls.

They attended the same school. “We studied at the Roche-Terre government school. Then, we continued our studies at Friendship College,” explains his friend.

Their friendship has strengthened over the years. “He was always there for me, and I for him,” he says. Kashish Rashpassing was still in college when his father lost his life. “He was only 14 when his father died in an accident. He only had his big brother and his mother. Cheng continued his studies up to the Higher School Certificate. He passed the exams. I went to university, but unfortunately he couldn't do it,” he says.

Sport had no secrets for the young man. “He was a very good sportsman. He played football and ran. » In 2022, the young man began his career within the police force. He ended up at SSU. He did all his training there. Determined and resilient, he adapted very well with his colleagues.

Elvin knew Kashish Rashpassing during their training. The two young men quickly became friends. “We were put in pairs. We were together all the time. He was an excellent element,” his friend and colleague tells us. At the end of their training, Kashish remained at the SSU, while Elvin was sent to the Special Response Group (SRG). They remained good friends.

Kashish Rashpassing had his whole future ahead of him. He was a very promising young police officer. “He was always talking to local kids to keep them on the straight and narrow,” Jason tells us.

Two days before the tragedy, his police friend had informed him that he had to go to an end-of-year party organized by his colleagues from the same unit. “He told me he didn’t want to go there. I told him that on Wednesday I would be at home and that if he wanted, we could, with Elvin and other friends, meet up to spend some time. He told me he would think about it,” Jason sighs.

Wednesday, November 29, Kashish Rashpassing finally went to the end of year party. The young man was in the car with two other colleagues when it left the road on the Bois-Marchand highway. The vehicle driven by a friend of the victim ended up hitting a tree. The young police officer was pronounced dead once at the hospital.

“We did not expect such news. I lost a big brother,” Jason says with difficulty. For Elvin too, it is a tragic loss: “The SSU loses a very good element, his family loses a loved one. Unfortunately, fate was cruel…”

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