The sugar cane harvest for the year 2024 will begin this Wednesday, June 26 and will continue until the beginning of December, according to the Médine group. The anticipated harvest of around 200,000 tonnes of cane is expected to result in a production of 21,500 tonnes of sugar, with extraction estimated at 10.75%.

Médine is continuing its replanting strategy with more than 300 hectares replanted each year. The group is also investing in technological innovation with the recent acquisition of two new planters and precision irrigation systems, including latest generation pivots that can be controlled remotely, optimizing water use and strengthening the resilience of crops. Variations in rainfall played a crucial role this year. Although rainfall was generous at the start of the cane's growth, excess rain during the floods of January and April, as well as the volume of summer rains in February and March, influenced the harvest.

Patrick Lagesse, Managing Director of the Medina agricultural hub, says: “We are aware of the challenges posed by climate variations, but our commitment to innovation and sustainability allows us to overcome these obstacles. Our continued investments in new technologies and equipment demonstrate our faith in the future of Mauritian agriculture.”

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