He is designated as the mastermind of the attack perpetrated on Friday, June 28 at the home of a family on the royal road of Belle-Vue Maurel. Azagen Pyneandee Sanmooghen, is not unknown to the police.

This 25-year-old resident of Stanley, Rose-Hill, already has various offences to his name. Last February, he was convicted of “Larceny on Public Road” and “Attempt at Larceny on Public Road” and was sentenced to two months in prison before the Rose-Hill court. He was accused of stealing a wallet. Two months later, on April 29, 2024, he was found guilty before the Moka court of having, last November, stolen items worth Rs 270,000 in Bagatelle. Prosecuted for “Larceny on Public Road” and “Illegal Trafficking in Stolen Goods”, Azagen Pyneandee was sentenced to two sentences of four months and one month in prison respectively.

Despite these convictions, upon his release from prison, he reoffended. Azagen Pyneandee gathered his troops composed of Ibne Farhaan Ruhoonauth, Zaina Bibi Ludialiam, also known as Yasmine, and Stacy Amanda Songor, and on Friday, June 28, they arrived at the home of a family in Belle-Vue Maurel. They tied up the three occupants of the house, including a 51-year-old woman. Armed with knives, they threatened the victims, searched the premises thoroughly before leaving with jewelry, cell phones and bank cards, among other things. They also forced one of the victims to make a transfer to them via the Juice app. In addition, one of the burglars simulated a sexual act with one of the occupants of the house and took compromising photos. She allegedly threatened to make them public if the victims ever filed a complaint with the police.

The gang of criminals was put out of action during an operation led by Inspector Mohes of the Force Crime Intelligence Unit (FCIU). Three of the four suspects confessed to their involvement during their interrogation by the men of Inspector Mootoo and Sergeant Daby of the Central Investigation Division (CID) of Piton. Farhaan Ruhoonauth denied any involvement in the case.

Azagen Pyneandee is also accused of extorting Rs 1 million from one of the members of this family in 2023. According to the victim, a 58-year-old civil servant, Azagen Pyneandee, had introduced him to a prostitute. A few months later, the complainant claims that the suspect showed up at his home and told him that the girl he had been having a good time with was a minor and that she intended to file a complaint against him.

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