• Images from CCTV cameras sealed

This is a matter that the Port-Louis North Police Divisional Headquarters takes very seriously. Jean CM, an individual on parole, accuses two police officers of having demanded a bribe of Rs 1,000 from him to be able to register his report in the “Bail Caller”, because he had shown up five minutes late. Since this incident on Sunday June 16, this resident of Sainte-Croix has no longer reported to the station.

On Tuesday, June 18, a sergeant from the police station made an entry in the “Bail Caller” for “Breach of Condition of Release on Bail.” He indicates that on Monday June 17, the main person concerned did not appear at the station for his report. He was wanted by the police for non-compliance with the conditions of his release.

Confronted with these accusations on Tuesday, the suspect explained that he had presented himself at the station on Sunday, June 16, five minutes late: “Mo finn rant stasion 6:05 p.m.…” He claims that two police officers were present at that time.

According to Jean CM, the officers informed him that he was not authorized to sign. “Si ou koopere nou kav fer enn zafer,” the officers are said to have suggested. At that moment, the resident of Sainte-Croix reportedly replied that he had no money on him, because obviously the two police officers were demanding a bribe. According to Jean CM, he then called his sister, who presented herself shortly after at the station with Rs 1,000. “Mo ser inn donn mwa sa, apre monn donn enn polisie aze ki ti dan stasion”, he relates in his testimony. It was then that the police officer reassured Jean CM that his report would be inserted in the register.

In his complaint, Jean CM says he can identify the two agents. Images from the station's CCTV cameras have been sealed.

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