An independentist elected Sunday in New Caledonia, the left victorious on Saturday in Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, where the ambitions of the extreme right were thwarted: what you need to know about the second round of legislative elections in the French overseas territories.

– New Caledonia sends an independentist to the Assembly
Emmanuel Tjibaou became on Sunday the first pro-independence MP elected since 1986 for this South Pacific archipelago.

A political novice, the 48-year-old man consolidated his lead from the first round in the second constituency and finally won with 57.44% of the vote and 13,404 votes ahead of Alcide Ponga, a right-wing non-independence supporter. The new MP is expected to sit among the MPs supported by the left-wing coalition of the New Popular Front (NFP).

Emmanuel Tjibaou is the son of the emblematic Kanak leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou, assassinated in 1989. His brother Joël was indicted and placed in pre-trial detention in June for his suspected role in the riots that “le Caillou” has been experiencing since mid-May.

In the 1st constituency, which includes Noumea, loyalist MP Nicolas Metzdorf (DVD), rapporteur of the constitutional bill on the thawing of the electoral body, the examination of which in the Assembly triggered the violence, won (52.41%) against the independence supporter Omayra Naisseline, a closer score than expected.

As everywhere in France, but even more markedly, participation was high, reaching 71.35%, a level never reached since 1981 for a legislative election.

Disappointment for the extreme right in Guadeloupe
The outgoing left-wing MPs were re-elected in the four Guadeloupe constituencies, notably against the two candidates from the National Rally (RN, far right), who had made a breakthrough by qualifying for the second round.

Rody Tolassy, ​​the local RN headliner, failed after being elected to the European Parliament on June 9 and who, in the 2022 legislative elections, narrowly avoided election by winning nearly 48% of the votes in the second round.

French Guiana: full house on the left
The two outgoing deputies of Guyana, supported by the NFP, were re-elected, against a backdrop of low turnout (24.98%).

In the first constituency, regionalist Jean-Victor Castor won by a wide margin against an independent candidate. In the second, the outgoing president of the overseas delegation in the National Assembly, Davy Rimane, was re-elected even though he was the only one in the running after the withdrawal of the independent candidate who came in second place.

Martinique: NFP wins the bet, with a surprise
Outgoing MP Jean-Philippe Nilor (NFP) crushed (86.58%) the duel that pitted him against an RN opponent. Large election also for outgoing NFP members Jiovanny William and Marcellin Nadeau.

Socialist candidate Béatrice Bellay created a surprise in the 3rd constituency by winning (54.53%) against the incumbent Johnny Hajjar, who came out on top in the first round for the NFP, which the local leader of the Socialist Party also claims to represent.

This is only the second time since 1988 and the election of the poet Aimé Césaire that this constituency has escaped the Martinique Progressive Party (PPM).

Polynesia: Autonomists gain ground
In this vast Pacific territory, the legislative elections pitted the autonomists against the independentists, the outgoing candidates in the three constituencies.

In the 3rd, the independence supporter Merena Reid Arbelot saved her seat by a short head (50.87%) against the wife of the former local president Gaston Flosse, Pascale Haiti-Flosse.

The pro-autonomy candidate Nicole Sanquer won the 2nd constituency (55.88%) to the detriment of the incumbent Steve Chailloux.

In the 1st, the centre-right autonomist Moerani Frébault was elected in the first round with 54% of the vote, ahead of the outgoing pro-independence MP Tematai Le Gayic (35%).

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