Negotiations at all levels continue two days after the legislative elections, which did not produce a clear majority in the Assembly, where left-wing deputies, buoyed by their success but seeking a consensus to govern, are arriving in force on Tuesday.

All eyes are on the New Popular Front, which is engaged in new negotiations between its components after having succeeded in building an express alliance for these legislative elections.

Coming in first with more than 190 seats, but very far from the absolute majority required (289) to govern without sharing, the left-wing parties want to push their advantage to propose a name for Matignon, if possible “within the week”, according to the head of the PS Olivier Faure. “We must not allow a form of vacuum to impose itself into which the head of state would rush”, insisted Mr. Faure.

The meetings are therefore multiplying, in a certain media frenzy: “it's complicated to work calmly like that”, deplored the leader of the environmentalists Marine Tondelier on Monday evening, pleading to “let the snails also disgorge a little”.

“We have a political situation that is unprecedented and so we don't have any instructions to follow,” stressed Ms. Tondelier, whose troops, numbering around thirty elected officials, are due to enter the Palais Bourbon on Tuesday at 9:15 a.m.

They will be followed by the contingent of La France Insoumise – more than 70 elected officials – expected around 10:00 a.m., then by the socialists, who will meet at 2:30 p.m. The latter, whose battalion exceeds sixty representatives, believe they can outnumber LFI thanks to a few rallies, and thus weigh more in the choice of the next Prime Minister.

“The balance of power is settled. There is the number of LFI deputies and that of the other members of the New Popular Front”, however affirmed on Monday evening the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is still running for Matignon even though his name divides within his camp.

The negotiations are not confined to the left of the chessboard. The Macronist camp, which has limited the damage with more than 160 deputies, is trying to keep the initiative, taking advantage of a political landscape that is more fractured than ever.

– The “sweet dream” of a grand coalition –
Some, like Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, are coasting towards the right, still hoping to rally elected officials from that side. Others would like to revive the social-democratic heart that brought Emmanuel Macron to power in 2017. From there to imagining, like Modem leader François Bayrou, a grand coalition that would exclude LFI and the National Rally, and that would go from the PS to the LR…

Finding such a “coalition of relative majority” on “important items such as purchasing power and security” “will take several weeks”, estimated Renaissance MP for Paris Sylvain Maillard (Renaissance) on Monday.

It is above all a “sweet dream”, asserted in return the leader of the Republican senators Bruno Retailleau, asking: “Do you honestly see me governing with François Hollande?”

In the meantime, Gabriel Attal, whose resignation was not accepted on Monday by Emmanuel Macron who asked him to stay “for the moment”, intends to show himself to be at the helm. He must thus gather the Renaissance deputies by videoconference on Tuesday morning, before inviting all the parliamentarians of the majority to Matignon at the end of the afternoon.

Another speech will be scrutinized: former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who has ambitions for 2027, will speak on TF1 at 8:00 p.m., and may give some indications on the strategy of his Horizons group (around 25 elected officials).

On the National Rally side, it is still time to digest the disappointment, after having hoped for an absolute majority. With 143 elected representatives, the RN and its allies are nevertheless making clear progress and the leader of the party with the flame Jordan Bardella is convinced: “time is with us”.

In this fog, Emmanuel Macron is currently holding back. He is expected in Washington on Wednesday for a two-day NATO summit, where he will seek to reassure his partners about France's stability.

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