Linion Moris today unveiled 50 measures from his electoral program during a meeting of delegates in Belle-Rose this Sunday. Among these proposals are a two-term limit for the post of prime minister and other important positions. Linion Moris also proposes amending the Constitution to include a fixed date for legislative elections.

The program also includes the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act, free transport for all Mauritians and a new education system. To stabilize prices and restore the purchasing power of Mauritians, Linion Moris plans to establish an appropriate system.

To strengthen democracy, Linion Moris plans to include the Freedom of Information Act and appoint an independent Speaker to the National Assembly. The electoral program also provides for the abolition of the post of PPS, the reduction in the number of ministers, as well as specific measures to reduce the cost of living, including a reduction in the price of gasoline to Rs 56 and loans without guarantee to increase the purchasing power of Mauritians. Free transport for all and the abolition of the MBC fee are also planned among the measures.

There is also talk of a system to stabilize prices in order to combat the cost of living. On this subject, Linion Moris will organize a demonstration on July 20 in Port-Louis.

Concerning the economy, the program proposes a new public-private partnership, reindustrialization to double exports, and a strengthened strategy for the African market.

The team around the Rama Valayden-Nando Bodha tandem also plans to develop new sectors around the blue economy and make Port-Louis a new lung of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Linion Moris also wants to invest massively in renewable energy as well as in the production and processing of medical cannabis.

Here are the 50 measures of Linion Moris' electoral program:


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