Why participate in a by-election that many consider to be unnecessary?

We are participating because the Constitution stipulates that in the event of a recall or resignation, by-elections must be held. As citizens and a political party, we must participate in these electoral contests to fill this position. It is a duty of respect towards the Constitution and a preparation for the upcoming general elections.

Do you really think there will be a by-election?

We believe in it, yes. But that is a question to ask the Prime Minister. As an opposition party, we must prepare ourselves physically and morally, we are already on the ground. If the by-elections do not take place, there will be general elections.

Is it not a waste of financial and human resources to participate in this election when we are just a few months away from the general elections?

As the opposition, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Betting on this riding is an investment in the future. We may not have a lot of financial resources, but we have heart and energy to spare.

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