Enter the fascinating world of Lydia None, a versatile artist from Quatre-Bornes. Her life as an artist is marked by multiple talents, propelling her on stage as a content creator, singer, actress, and comedian. Otayo invites you to discover Lydia None’s incredible artistic journey.

Lydia None is a true ball of energy and overflowing imagination. Her mood is contagious, illuminating every space she occupies. She describes herself as a versatile and passionate artist. “I am a versatile artist with a passion for singing, theater, and everything related to art. The stage is a platform that scares me, but it’s where I truly feel in my element,” she affirms.

Act I: Content creator.

However, an artistic career was not initially envisioned for Lydia None. Initially, she intended to pursue a career in social work after studying Social Work at the University of Mauritius.

However, her unconditional love for laughter and entertainment quickly took over. She chose to follow her passion by first joining Vincent Duvergé’s troupe at Radio One and then joining the Pop TV team as a content creator.

Her dazzling talent and natural audacity allowed her to shine brilliantly, making viewers laugh with her characters inspired by reality.

Act II: Singer.

At the same time, Lydia None is also experiencing a meteoric rise in the music world. She brilliantly embodies the female voice of the group Lespri Ravann, adding an enchanting touch to every performance.

She also has a single called “Apre Lapli,” a collaboration with David Jay. On stage, she harmoniously joins other artists, such as at the TEDx event, where she seamlessly merges music and spoken word in a creative whirlwind.

This success is not a coincidence but the result of an innate passion for singing and the “maravanne,” which she has cultivated since a young age.

Her training at the National Conservatory of Music François Mitterrand has brilliantly sharpened her talent, and she has received a distinction from the London College of Music, attesting to her musical excellence. Lydia None shines on stage with natural ease.

Act III: Actress.

Lydia None has more than one string to her bow! In addition to being a content creator, singer, she is also recognized for her acting talents.

Indeed, since a young age, she has expressed her unconditional love for theater by treading the boards with boundless energy.

Her talent for theater has multiplied over time and experience, allowing her to shine in a variety of roles in various plays, including Molière’s “Le Malade Imaginaire” and Beaumarchais’ “Le Barbier de Séville,” demonstrating her remarkable talent.

But for Lydia None, comedy is much more than just entertainment. It is a powerful weapon that combats anxiety, stress, and depression. “It is a powerful weapon against anxiety, stress, and depression. It brings positivity, happiness, and laughter to the lives of spectators, offering them an unforgettable moment of joy,” she confides.

Act IV: Comedian.

While continuing to explore her art, Lydia None has also discovered a new passion for stand-up comedy. Encouraged by her peers to take the stage, she made her debut at the Apero Comedy Club, revealing her innate talent for making others laugh.

As a fulfilled comedian, she impressively performs, captivating an audience enthralled by her delicious jokes during the “Moris du Rire” show.

Despite the fear she feels on stage, it is also where she feels alive and connected to her artistic essence. A perfect blend of humor and passion, Lydia takes us on a hilarious and inspiring journey with each performance.

Today, Lydia None is fulfilling her dream by leading an exciting and fulfilling career. As a content creator at Pop TV and a singer in the Lespri Ravann group, she shines on stage, fully living her passion for art in all its forms.

The stage is her playground, where she vividly expresses all her artistic passions. Every moment is a celebration of her love for art and entertainment.


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