On April 29, the Ministry of Public Services awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of the Mare-Chicose landfill and the open space creation works for the months of May and June 2024 to JV Sotravic/Eneotech on the basis of a “Direct Emergency Procurement” for an amount of Rs 70,023,534.80, including VAT. Therefore, no call for tenders was launched for the award of this contract.

In a written response tabled in Parliament a few days ago, the Minister of Public Services, Joe Lesjongard, explained this decision, following a parliamentary question posed by the MMM MP, Joanna Bérenger.

“All legal requirements have been fully complied with for the award of this contract. Thus, under Article 21 of the Public Procurement Act, the scope of the emergency tender was limited to the emergency period. The direct emergency tender was conducted with the in-service contractor JV Sotravic/Eneotech in accordance with clause 5C(2)(e),” the minister said. He added that awarding this contract had become “necessary due to the delay in awarding the contract for the vertical expansion and operations works.”

Yet, in January this year, the Central Procurement Board had recommended the award of a contract for the vertical expansion works/operations, but, says Joe Lesjongard, “this could not be done because the land where the main civil works of the vertical expansion project would be executed had not been secured. By the end of April 2024, it was estimated that the land purchase would materialise within two months, thus justifying the contract period.”

The land has now been secured and the Ministry is proceeding with the award of the contract for the works and vertical expansion operations.

According to Minister Lesjongard, “using a short-term contract in an international tender, which itself requires a minimum period of 90 days, would have resulted in higher prices due to the mobilisation of a lot of heavy/specialised equipment for a short period. These reasons fully justify the use of the direct emergency tender.”

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