The situation is getting worse at the Casinos of Mauritius. A special meeting was held on Thursday morning, July 4, between the management of the State Investment Corporation (SIC) and representatives of the Casinos Employees Union (CEU). No consensus was reached regarding the compensation of employees' salaries. A dispute has therefore been declared and the matter will be heard before the Conciliation and Mediation Committee (CCM).

For several months, tension has been palpable within the Casinos of Mauritius. The employees, represented by the CEU, are demanding a 15% salary increase, arguing that their remuneration has not kept up with the increase in the cost of living. But the SIC insists on a 10% increase.

Thursday morning's meeting, which was intended to be an attempt at rapprochement, only served to highlight the deep differences between the two sides. “We tried to find common ground, but the proposals from SIC management are far from meeting the expectations of employees,” said a CEU representative.

Faced with this impasse, the CEU decided to take the matter to the CCM, an organization responsible for facilitating dialogue between employers and employees in the event of a dispute. “This recourse, although necessary, lengthens the resolution times and maintains a climate of uncertainty among employees. We hope that the CCM can help us find a solution acceptable to all parties,” says the CEU.

What about the general strike aimed at “destabilizing the country's casinos”? “It's still in the planning stages. But we have to proceed in stages. And it all starts with the CCM,” they say.

Reached by telephone, SIC said it had made considerable efforts to reach a fair solution, without success. “A deadlock was declared following the meeting. We referred the case to the CCM. The CEU is demanding a 15% increase, but SIC is sticking to its position. A 10% increase is reasonable. We have also justified our position to the employees’ union representatives. We would have liked to reach a compromise. But that was not the case. The negotiations remain cordial,” said Goolabchund Goburdhun, SIC’s general manager.

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